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What is Academic Coaching?

Put simply, it’s a combination of bespoke academic mentoring and personal support designed for the individual student. It gives them the skills and confidence they need to study effectively - and flourish while doing so.

Think of it as having a constant guide by your son or daughter’s side throughout their University journey – a trusted friend to clarify, explain, motivate, care and steer them towards fulfilling their academic potential.
Photo of femal student holding a red folder by Anastsiya Gapp

Photo courtesy Anastasiya Gepp

Why use an Academic Coach?

  • Because a rushed tutorial with an exhausted lecturer is a common part of university life - and possibly the worst way to learn.

  • Because students with huge potential often struggle to stay motivated and focussed.

  • Because students with a learning difference cannot get enough of the help they need, when they need it.

  • Because international students at English-speaking universities struggle to understand lectures, feel homesick and isolated.

These students then underperform academically, switch off from study and become desperate for help. With nowhere to turn, the university experience becomes a nightmare and failure becomes inevitable...

An Academic Coach can provide everything the student needs to overcome these hurdles, making the opportunity to excel completely attainable – however challenging the circumstances.

Dr LisaThurlow BA Hons, MA, PhD, SFHEA, academic coach

dr lisa thurlow

My ethos

University should be more than just academic achievement. It should be a positive and life-enhancing experience – an opportunity to excel, build lifelong skills, confidence and resilience. Culture, language and learning difference should never be an obstacle to learning – in fact, they can be an advantage.

I believe that spending consistent, quality time with each student is essential for academic achievement. I treat each of my students as an individual on a journey of intellectual and personal growth, providing them with the tailored skills and support they need to excel beyond expectation.

Photo of young male student with folder by Armin Rimoldi

Photo courtesy Armin Rimoldi

How academic coaching works

By identifying how a student learns, their individual challenges and preferences, I provide bespoke, comprehensive and regular coaching to support their university study. This is provided as frequently as required, dependent on need, and is tailored on an individual basis.


  • I offer pastoral and wellbeing support - especially important where a student is studying overseas, away from family, or if English is not their first language.

  • If your adult child has a learning difference or preference that makes study more difficult, especially within mainstream University education, this is also no problem.

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