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The following are endorsements from some of my clients...

Heng Yu, Cui, (2024)

Master’s student China

"I participated in ten hours of class time. Lisa helped me sort out the preparatory work needed in the early stage of my thesis and revised the problems arising from the paper. She helped me with parts that I couldn't complete alone when I felt anxious. She helped me finish my thesis successfully. When my work in other classes did not pass, she gave me advice to help me modify it and I was finally able to graduate successfully. I really feel that Lisa helped me, she is a very good personal tutor."


Klara Dumont dos Santos,

Switzerland, 2023

"Lisa has helped me assess and feel confident about my future. The 1-1 has helped me communicate my fears and Lisa helped me readjust my workplans, so I could visualise my next steps without panicking anymore. Thank you!"

Rhea Gathercole,

Norwich University of the Arts, UK, 2023

“Lisa is a fantastic educator because she truly cares. She makes each student feel heard and valued for the work they create. Her way of teaching gets the best from her students and will no doubt shape the future of courageous, exciting design. I am grateful for her patience, reliability and relatability.”

Rubab Ashiq,

Pakistan, 2021

"Dr Lisa gave careful consideration to my ideas, challenged and encouraged me at the same time to realise my full potential. She is very thorough and has immense knowledge of design based research. She provided me with weekly feedback on my written drafts, guided me to the areas of discussion and monitored my progress ensuring that I stay on the track. Her supervision has been invaluable to me. Her experience and insights have helped me in strengthening my research skills and I am forever grateful to her for that”.

Tammi Smith, UK, 2021

“After just a few taught sessions from Lisa, I knew that I wanted her to be my supervisor for my Master’s dissertation. It was immediately clear that Lisa is very experienced in research projects through her informative but easy-to-digest teaching style. With a very approachable and down-to-earth nature, Lisa also demonstrates an ability to adapt her one-to-one tutoring style to the student’s individual needs, putting them at ease with what can be an overwhelming experience. This was exactly my experience, I lost confidence and became very overwhelmed with my research, but Lisa was always supportive and reassuring, giving me just the right amount of encouragement that I needed to reach my potential – and I did! I achieved beyond what I could have ever expected, and I am so grateful for Lisa’s support and guidance throughout. A good tutor is one of the best decisions you can make.”

Dr Alis Iacob, MA, PhD,

Romania, 2021

"I had the pleasure to be supervised by Lisa during my postgraduate studies. She is an excellent tutor who has a unique ability to make learning fun. Her engaging teaching approach leads to thought provoking discussions that open up new perspectives and change thinking styles. She enabled me to find my critical voice which then led me to, not only successfully finish my studies, but confidently take on board a PhD project. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lisa as she is not just a magnificent tutor but an amazing individual."

Marco Marin, UK, 2019

“Lisa Thurlow was my supervisor whilst I was doing my dissertation for my MA. Lisa offered flexible and comprehensive support that helped the progress of my dissertation run smoothly, putting me in good stead. Lisa always made me feel confident and at ease, I never felt stressed or worried as we were in constant communication. Besides Lisa’s personable and empathic nature, her expertise and experience helped me achieve a distinction in my dissertation – and my degree! I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor for my dissertation. With Lisa’s help, I secured my graduate job, and remain in contact.”

Crystal Yap, Malaysia, 2019

" Throughout my dissertation journey, she guided me with very useful insights and exciting ideas and it really aided the entire process and gave me clarification on how I should go about my work. Apart from that, Dr. Lisa also gave me endless support and encouragement which I truly appreciate even till this day as it significantly made an impact on me and makes me want to do and be better each day. She definitely makes me feel like my effort and dedication never goes unnoticed. Without her guidance and support, this would not have been possible, thus, I'm infinitely grateful for it all!"

Minerva Jiminez, Mexico, 2019

"Lisa Thurlow was not only a teacher but also a guide (both academically and personally). As a teacher, Lisa is very didactive and organized which helped students to better understand and focus on their writing skills. Her teaching taught me that in order to achieve any goal, everyone has to work hard. It is not an easy path but if you keep pushing yourself and have people who understand the process, just as Lisa does, you can continue to complete all your dreams and/or goals in life. As a guide, she helped me in the process of writing and organizing my dissertation by giving me a lot of advice concerning my topic, and my academic life. Furthermore, even though she was undertaking her PhD, she took the time to assist me with my mental health by always being supportive and understanding."

Faustyna Anna Zak,  Poland, 2018

“ We had regular one to one tutorials where she was patiently listening to many ideas of mine and helped me to focus my research topic. Her approachable attitude always gave me the confidence that I was going in the right direction during the whole process of conducting research and writing despite the language barrier. At the same time her practical approach made me commit to achievable goals. Lisa provided me with manageable task lists and tailored to my needs tools to make sure I stayed on track and completed required amount of work. Her knowledge and curiosity always inspired and motivated me to go beyond what we discussed. I believe Lisa was the tutor that helped me achieve distinction and graduate at the top of my class.”
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