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About me...


I have a wealth of experience tutoring students from all over the world. For over twenty years I have lectured at UK Universities, working with students from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Africa and beyond - many of whom use English as a second language.

I initially studied design, and alongside a career in industry began lecturing. It was here that discovered my passion for teaching and in particular, how students learn. I have a keen interest in challenges that students face; language barriers, learning differences or cultural differences that can make university study seem insurmountable. By embracing these challenges through bespoke tutoring, I have enabled students to succeed way beyond their, and their parents’ expectations.

With a long career as a teacher, a Doctorate in Education, and Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, I can offer a high level of expertise to benefit even the most challenging student. I am also trained in mental health and wellbeing which supports the holistic, bespoke service I can offer my clients.

When I am not teaching, I am fortunate to live in a very rural part of England, surrounded by nature. I have a passion for art, horticulture, and when time permits, a spot of sailing.

Photo courtesy: Bob Jenkin

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