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Would Academic Coaching work for you?

Do you have…

  • Difficulty understanding lectures and course material?

  • A struggle to get good marks, despite working all hours?

  • A learning difference that makes understanding, writing or study challenging?

  • Homesickness, isolation, anxiety or panic?

  • A struggle with English, if this is not your first language?

  • Too little time with tutors?

  • Feedback from tutors that you don’t understand - or just not enough feedback?

  • A lack of motivation and focus?

  • No-one to turn to when things are feeling tough?

Photo courtesy Tima Miroshnichenko

my academic coaching provides

  • Help with essay writing and referencing, research, dissertations and project completion

  • Tools to make study easier, giving you more free time

  • Increased confidence in using English as a second language

  • Improved understanding of the taught content of your course

  • Support when returning to study after a break

  • Career, internship and job application advice

  • A constant source of support throughout your degree journey, and ultimately,

  • A better degree.

Photo courtesy Andres Piacquadio

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