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I teach at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, including research.

Under- and Postgraduate levels across the social sciences and creative disciplines:

  • Developing a project proposal

  • Research methods – qualitative & quantitative

  • Literature reviews – sourcing, analysing and presenting a review

  • Structuring an essay, report or dissertation

  • Writing-up essays & dissertations – content, structure, writing style, referencing

  • Research project management

  • Personal management techniques for study

Research & Doctoral study within the social sciences and creative disciplines:

  • Formulation of an effective research question

  • Development of a research proposal

  • Research paradigms – how to approach a research project

  • Research methodologies

  • Data gathering

  • Data analysis methods

  • Thesis-writing: structure, content, writing style, referencing.

  • Project management for doctoral researchers

For stressed students:

  • Workload management techniques​

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Personal tutoring & pastoral support

Specifically for creatives:

  • Design practice, management and creative entrepreneurship across all design disciplines

  • Contextual and critical studies: history of contemporary design

  • Creative thinking & conceptual development

  • Sketching for design problem-solving

  • Design drawing, draughting & model-making

  • Portfolio surgeries

  • Employability skills

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