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How Academic Coaching can help your son or daughter through University

Transition to University life can be very challenging.


My Academic Coaching gives parents the peace of mind that their son or daughter is in the most experienced hands, receiving bespoke academic guidance and personal support to help them realise their full potential.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Suhorukov

My Coaching gives students:

  • Improved understanding of lectures and taught material

  • Assistance with assignments, essays and dissertations

  • Effective help for learning differences or preferences – because every student learns differently

  • Better understanding and use of English as a foreign language

  • Support with transitioning to living and studying in the UK.


This leads to improved performance and motivation, including:

  • Reduced anxiety, less homesickness

  • Higher marks

  • A happier student...

And ultimately, a better degree , a brighter future – and happier parents.

The benefits of Academic Coaching:

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